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NTR’S Biopic- Insider Information

NTR’S Biopic- Insider Information

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Nandamuri Balakrishna aka Balayya has announced to the whole world that he will be acting as his father and legendary versatile actor turned politician in NTR’S biopic. Balayya looks relaxed and not rushing into anything. He is keenly watching all the happenings of the project and also giving his inputs whenever it is required. Director Teja has been taken to direct the film. The unit is busy with all pre-production works. This year march the regular shoot of the film will be commencing.

However, wide speculations are going around that the biopic will not discuss NTR’s last days of life and also Chandrababu Naidu’s making it to the chief minister’s chair as they are controversial features of NTR’s life.Contrary to the speculations, few insiders informed that the entire life story of NTR will be presented on the screen. They will show his childhood days, all important aspects till his last days are going to be shown elaborately in the movie.

NTR launching his political party and giving it a name TDP will also be in the interval block of the biopic.Post the interval, the second half of the film the main emphasis will be on his political journey. Sources share that the last days of his life will be explained in points in the biopic. Bala Krishna’s home banned Brahma Teja films are only producing the prestigious project.

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