Over 600 migrants cross English Channel in a day: UK govt


In a single day, almost 600 migrants cross the English Channel.

The UK Home Office said that more than 600 migrants crossed the English Channel on June 11 — the highest number so far this year on a single day. In a statement on Monday, the Office said a total of 616 people were detected making the journey from France in 12 small boats, reports the BBC.

The previous single-day high for this year was 497 people on April 22. According to the Home Office, the total number of migrants who have crossed the English Channel in 2023 has increased to over 8,000 — about 2,000 less than at the same point last year.

migrants who have crossed increased to over 8,000

At this time last year, the cumulative figure had just passed 10,000 and the total number of crossings in 2022 was 45,755. Responding to the Home Office’s announcement, a No 10 spokesperson said: “There is a great deal of work going on which is stopping these criminal gangs in their tracks.

“But, clearly, pass throughs  are continuing and that is because we have not been able to put in place our full plans; and obviously there is a great deal of work across government to that end.” The latest development come after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said last week that his plan to reduce the number of migrants crossing the Channel in boats was working and numbers were down for the first time.

Sunak told the BBC that crossings to the UK were down by a fifth, and figures for Albanians heading to Britain were down by 90 per cent. The Prime Minister has made reducing the number of Channel crossings a key part of his premiership, including via the Illegal Migration Bill.

The plans would mean anyone reaching the UK without permission would be detained and promptly deported, either to their home country or a third country such as Rwanda. The bill would create broad new detention and search powers, and migrants would be barred from claiming asylum. It would apply even if a person claims to be a victim of trafficking or modern slavery.


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