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Paisa Vasool Telugu Bullet Review and Rating

Paisa Vasool Movie Review and Rating

Paisa Vasool Movie Review:

Actors: Balakrishna, Shriya, Muskan Sethi
Producer: Anand Prasad
Direction: Puri Jagannadh
Music Director: Anoop Rubens
Editor: Junaidh Sidhiki
Cinematography: Mukesh

Balakrishna, Puri Jagannadh combination surprised everyone. Moreover, Balayya was in full on josh with ‘Goutamipurta Sathakarni’ movie. Whereas Puri was with flop movie, addition to this the drugs case. In this scenario, Balayya gave chance to Puri for Paisa Vasool movie. So, let’s see that the Paisa Vasool movie reached the expectations of the audience or not…

Paisa Vasool Story:

India’s intelligence system has made many efforts to find international criminal Bob Marlo. So, they will search for another criminal of the same mindset as the international level criminals. They will find Theda Singh(Balayya) in that search who is a cab driver in Portugal. An intelligence strategy is designed to experiment Theda Singh with Bob Marlo. Why did Theda Singh change so differently…? Did Bob Marlo will finally be caught to the officers is the story Paisa Vasool…?

Paisa Vasool Analysis:

According to the story, there is nothing different in story wise in Paisa Vasool. Many stories in the Telugu film Industry are released in the same pattern. However, Puri Jagannadh believes with the story picturization and Hero characterization. Moreover, Balakrishna changed as a Puri marked hero in Paisa Vasool movie. Balakrishna age, image and his earlier characters are kept aside and totally changed as that character made by Puri Jagannadh. After his 100 movies, no one can imagine that Balayya’s change in 101movies.

At the age of 57 Balayyas energy range looks like 25. The Paisa Vasool Movie story also resembles Balayyas energy. Puri single line punch dialogues entertain the audience for sure. However, Puri could not able to entertain the comedy scenes with Balayya which became minus to Paisa Vasool movie. However, Heroines have done well to their characters. The movie is totally a mass masala movie. Anoop Rubens, Mukesh camera work is highlighted in the Paisa Vasool movie. Finally, Producer Anand Prasad in Bhavya Creations does not compromise for the movie promotions.

Plus Points:
Balakrishna action
Puri dialogues
Reci Screenplay
Songs, Action stunts
Music, Camera work
Minus Points:
Regular story
Telugu Bullet Punch Line: Theda Singh in Paisa Vasool
Telugu Bullet Rating: 3/5

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