Your Politics Can Still Split The AP State Into Three: PK To CBN

Pawan Kalyan Corners CBN About Amaravathi

Pawan Kalyan Corners CBN About Amaravathi

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The Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan almost ended his Uttarandhra Bus tour yesterday with an Earth-shattering speech. Continuing his fight against the existing TDP Government, he fumed fire on TDP leaders for passing comments.In his yesterday’s speech, Pawan Kalyan opined that it would take another 300 crores to finish all the proposed projects by the CBN and later CMs of AP in Uttarandhra. On the same note, he reminded the fact that the injustice done to Telangana by Chief Ministers who hailed from AP region is the sole reason for the Telangana Movement which leads to the bifurcation of the United AP.

Pawan warned the State Government that if they still show the partiality to the nooks and corner regions of the AP State, they will face new movements from the regions of Rayalaseema and Uttarandhra. Despite having MPs and Ministers from this region, Pawan declared that TDP has done no development in their four years of governance. This Janasena Supreme also stated that the claims of CBN and his son Lokesh should not be taken as serious. Pawan ridiculed the Lokesh by asking if he and his father spent their own money from their pockets to lay roads in the whole AP.

This young and dynamic leader made it clear that he will make sure he will answer all the leaders of TDP who are commenting Pawan after withdrawing his support to TDP very soon.Pawan Kalyan ended his speech by ridiculing CBN’s future acts. He opined that CBN has the capacity to join hands with BJP and YSRCP in order to get rid of Janasena permanently so that they can continue their corruption. But this stubborn leader declared that he and his party has a vision of 25 years and will be in politics fighting for justice despite winning and losing in the general elections.

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