Pawan Kalyan Went For The Benefit Of The Doubt: Sent His Security Back:


Pawan Kalyan Gives Benefit Of Doubt To TDP

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The Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan has been taking a great care of his party recently. Day by day, he is learning the actual real-time Politics and shielding himself better than before with planning and thinking. His recent act explains everything.

Before his famous Public Meeting in Tirupati where he slammed his ex-alliance TDP, he asked the AP DGP to help him by sending personal security. With the permission of TDP Government, the DGP has sent four gunmen to protect this leader all the time. Since then, they have been with Pawan wherever he goes. Exactly from the time he got his security, information regarding his party meetings, plans, and discussions which held secretly was being passed to TDP camp by some means. Not knowing whom to blame, Pawan kept his cool and continued his secret investigation.

All of a sudden, the doubts have risen on his own gunmen sent by TDP Government when they were present with him in yesterday night’s secret meeting. Not even some of Janasena supporters knew about Pawan’s future meetings but a TDP leader speculated about this meeting in a live debate yesterday at 9 pm. Without thinking anything, today in the early morning, he thanked the AP DGP for helping him with the security and informed him that he was sending the security back as he doesn’t need them anymore. Without questioning anyone, Pawan simply took a brave yet ingenious step to save himself from his anti forces.

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