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HomelatestJanasena Reiterates Its Final Stand On Special Status:

Janasena Reiterates Its Final Stand On Special Status:

Pawan Kalyan Janasena Stand On Special Category Status

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The newest party of Andhra Pradesh, Janasena is still busy countering its rivals through social media post attacking TDP. its digital wing Shatagni has shown how a National media has twisted it’s Supreme Pawan Kalyan’s stand on Special Category Status.

Janasena has been encountering rough voyage post the Speech of Pawan Kalyan recently. His potshots at the Centre and TDP are proving costly as they are irking the party in means they can. After alleging corruption on Pawan for buying 10 crores of land for 20 lakhs, it is now Centre’s turn to throw mud on Pawan Kalyan.

Going into the details, Janasenani has given an interview to a National News Chancel TV18 the other day. When he was enquired about his stand on Special Category Status, he said that the Special Status itself is not sufficient to develop the state but it will be very much useful to eradicate unemployment in AP. this statement of Pawan was twisted and reported by TV18 in the channel. The channel reported that Pawan has made U-turn on Special Status as he felt it is not so important.

To control the damage, Shatagni in Janasena released a press note stating that their head Pawan is forever committed to Special Status. It also claimed that the so-called National media has intentionally twisted Pawan’s words by linking the video byte of Pawan talking about Special Category Status. It is clearly evident that Pawan and his Janasena is lacking strong side to revert and counter rivals.

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