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Central Government Ban Peheredaar Piya Ki Serial

Peheredaar Piya Ki Serial Banned by Central Government

Peheredaar Piya Ki Serial Banned by Central Government: A Hindi serial is buzzing in national media from past few days. In ‘Peheredaar Piya Ki’ serial due to some situations a 19 years old girl will get married to a 10 years old boy. In serials, these things are common to give entertainment. But the serial team is planning to show romantic scenes between them. They are making fuzz by showing first night and honeymoon sequences. With this, the audience felt bad and gave a complaint to the central minister about this serial.

So the central government took charge over the serial. As it has 10000 members signature in online against the serial. So the producers and channel of the serial notice from the information department. Within few days, there are chances to stop the serial or chance the story. A moment raised against the serial by human rights which got succeed. It became a lesson for future not to raise these types of serials.

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