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People’s Talk On NTR Big Boss Show

People talk on NTR Big Boss Show

People talk on NTR Big Boss Show: The Telugu audience most awaited ‘Big Boss’ show is out. Till now NTR ruled in the big screen and people are waiting to see him in small screen. Some are doubting that NTR breaks the records in big screen but how will make in small screen…? But NTR banged all doubts and started the grand ‘Big Boss’ show. With high expectations, NTR started the ‘Big Boss’ show and entertained very well. So audience came to a conclusion that NTR entertains well.

With the dance, NTR made his super introduction. The most important part participants introduction, NTR did in an interesting way. And even talk to them whole heartedly and send them to house happily. Mainly every one like the way he is respecting women by calling them Amma. The host should be careful and lead the show spontaneously. NTR eyes got moist when Madhupriya sang Aadapilla song. NTR involved into the show and interacted very well with the participants. So the audience is telling that NTR will get succeed in the anchoring field. But some people in social media are criticizing that NTR is unnecessarily laughing in Sims places, speaking loudly, unnecessarily repeating few words. But they are not recognizing that NTR first time hosting in this show.

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