Perfect Punch to Manchu Lakshmi’s tweet on Traffic Jam

Perfect Punch to Manchu Lakshmi tweet on Traffic Jam

Perfect Punch to Manchu Lakshmi’s tweet on Traffic Jam

It is known fact that Hyderabad is the city with frequent Traffic jams. Every common man sometimes faces many issues with the Traffic. They get stuck in traffic for many hours. Recently, Manchu Lakshmi also got through the same situation in the city.She got stuck in the traffic for one and half hour. Later She didn’t hie emotion.Manchu Lakshmi is always active on Social media. She tweeted that “I’ve been stuck around hitex for 11/2hr. Grrrrrrrr. Politicians here should drive like us without a protocol to see what we go thru.” Every Common man didn’t take much time to respond to her tweet. Perfect Punch to Manchu Lakshmi tweet on Traffic Jam.Despite all these responses, one of the response got attention from everybody.

perfect punch to manchu lakshmi tweet on traffic jam

A young girl named Rasna replies to Manchu Lakshmi’s tweet is way shocking to everybody. She gave a reply to Manchu Lakshmi’s tweet saying that “Exactly our thoughts whenever you visit Tirumala! Try having darshanam like us in the queue to see what we go thru while you get away with VIP”. This reply is now viral on social media.Manchu Lakshmi became dumb after watching this kind of reply.

This tweet got many shares by many people.Everybody is appreciating the young girl for her tit for tat reply. People are also eagerly waiting to see how Manchu would give a response to this tweet.Some of them are even creating many memes on Lakshmi.While some of them are tweeting saying ” If have guts please respond to our Rasna’s tweet “.Let’s wait and watch how this tweet story is gonna end.



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