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HomelatestIndian Intelligence identifies the person who kidnapped Kulbhushan Jadav

Indian Intelligence identifies the person who kidnapped Kulbhushan Jadav

Person Who Kidnapped Kulbhushan Jadav Identified

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After Kulbhushan Jadav was given a death sentence by a special army court in Pakistan, the Indian government took the case to the ICJ, International Court of Justice. The Indian Govt. argued that Kulbhushan Jadhav, a retired Naval officer, was kidnapped from Iran and was handed over to the ISI (Inter-Services00000026 Intelligence).

But Pakistan claimed that Kulbhushan was a RAW (Research and Analysis) agent, who was caught in Pakistan. It further alleged that Kulbhushan is involved in an undercover operation in Pakistan.

Supporting the Indian Govt. stance, a community leader from Baluchistan (in Pakistan) also said that Kulbhushan was indeed kidnapped from Iran. Further strengthening its claims, the Indian government managed to identify the person as Mulla Omar Irani who has kidnapped Kulbhushan from Iran.

Mulla Omar Irani belongs to the Jaish ul-Adl terrorist organization, that has close ties with the Pak army. The terrorist group operates along the Pak-Iran borders. The terrorist organization was responsible in killing 10 members of the Iran Security forces on 26th April 2017. Later, the Iran army identified the mastermind behind the attack and killed him by intruding into Pakistan.

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