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Politicians eye to conquer the Twin Godavari districts for Power

The districts of East and West Godavari are often considered as the vote banks of any party and winning maximum seats from these two districts might fetch power effortlessly. So the happening parties of TDP, YSRCP, and Janasena are working hard to win as many seats as they can.

The history is quite evident that the party which bagged maximum seats out of these two ended up forming Government as the politics revolve around caste and community basis of the voters. Each party has its own vote bank and a marginal chance of these vote banks sometimes shifted the Governments. If we observe carefully, the East Godavari district always plays a prominent role in AP Politics.

In 2009, PRP which banked on Kapu votes got 4 seats and TDP bagged 4 seats but Congress won in as many as 11 seats and formed Government. PRP here played as an enemy for TDP splitting BC and Kapu votes. In 2014, TDP with the help of BJP and Janasena won as many as 14 seats and formed Government after ten years of Opposition. Now for the elections of 2019, this most hyped East Godavari has once again become a center point of Political circles.

TDP with the CBN wave is confident on winning a minimum of 15 seats and YSRCP is mainly banking on SC and ST votes as the head Jagan screwed the BC votes by going against the BC reservations. Last but not least, the Kapu tagged party Janasena is also making a lot of buzzes and eyeing on winning at least 10 seats from East Godavari.

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