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Prabhas Sahoo Heroine Confirmed

Prabhas Sahoo Heroine Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor

Posted Yesterday at 16:41 

Prabhas Sahoo Heroine Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor:

Already Prabhas ‘Sahoo’ movie shooting started directing by Sujith. Prabhas started participating in the regular shooting of this movie. They are thinking to release this movie for next summer by completing the shooting within 6 months. They are searching the heroine of this movie from 4, 5 months. It’s buzzing that at last, Bollywood beauty Shraddha Kapoor was finalized.

At first, ‘Sahoo’ movie team approached Shraddha Kapoor but she demanded huge remuneration to act with Prabhas. But the producers are not ready to give her that remuneration. After that, they approached many heroines and models. But they again approached Shraddha Kapoor for ‘Sahoo’ movie with the medium remuneration. Sraddha will soon join in shooting to act with Prabhas in ‘Sahoo’ movie. Recently Prabhas new looks were released. So the Prabhas fans talk is by looking at Prabhas new looks Sraddha accepted for ‘Sahoo’ movie.

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