Pragyan Rover clicked an image of Vikram Lander


Vikram Lander was captured on camera by Pragyan Rover.

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) announced on the social media platform X that the Pragyan Rover has captured an image of the Vikram Lander. This photograph was taken using the Navigation Camera (NavCam) on the Rover. Notably, the NavCams for the Chandrayaan-3 Mission were developed by the Laboratory for Electro-Optics Systems (LEOS).

pragyan rover clicked an image of vikram lander
Pragyan Rover clicked an image of Vikram Lander

It’s interesting to note that ISRO has now given names to its moon lander and rover, referring to them as Vikram and Pragyan, respectively. Previously, the Indian space agency simply referred to them as Lander and Rover.

In ISRO’s Chandrayaan-2 mission, the lander and rover were initially named Pragyan and Vikram, but unfortunately, during an attempt to make a soft landing on the moon, the Vikram lander experienced a crash landing.


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