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Pranitha Adopted A Government School

Pranitha, most of the Telugu people hear this name and know her. She acted in several Telugu films and made a good impression in the Telugu film industry. Albeit, in sometimes, the celebrities’ humanity will be exposed out. Recently, for Kerala floods, many celebrities donated the money or something to the people of Kerala. As well as, now in Andhra Pradesh, at Srikakulam Titli cyclone is sabotaging all assets. So, our real heroes once again started their run for it. Now, the matter about Pranitha is that she adopted a government school.

Come into the details, she adopted

Come into the details, she adopted a government school in her native place Hassan nearby Bengaluru. Pranitha said, “I was initially associated with the school through a Tech India program that took place last year. Also, I had great fun interacting with all the children over there and hence I decided to adopt the school which enables me to be more participating in the activities of the school.” Hats off to Pranitha…

this is a great thing and she deserves the applause

Really, this is a great thing and she deserves the applause. Some are really feel good with children and Pranitha is one of them in the list. Actually, in government schools, the facilities are somewhat bad as compared to the top corporate schools. But, government schools have top educated teachers. Albeit, but some schools will be back in the development due to several reasons. But, if there is a person like Pranitha, the schools may get good development.

 Teach for Change program

As well as, recently, Regina, Rakul, Allu Sirish, Pranitha, Rana, Manchu Lakshmi, and some other participated in Teach for Change program. In that program, they went to government schools and taught English skills development classes.


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