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HomelatestPrashant Kishore Outdated Ideas For Jagan

Prashant Kishore Outdated Ideas For Jagan

Prashant Kishore outdated ideas for Jagan

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Prashant Kishore outdated ideas for Jagan: The future of electoral strategists also depends on the success and failure not only movies and politics. Prashant Kishore who is the key role of Modi success in 2014 elections but in these 3 years his offers got reduced. BJP left Prashant Kishore after some time of 2014 elections. But there are no reasons why BJP left Prashant Kishore after the huge success. But Prashant gave the shock to the BJP in mahakutami at Bihar. With that Prashant demand increased but there is no particular success.

Congress gave much importance in UP elections to the Prashant after Bihar success. By keeping few leaders aside and gave importance and did whatever he said. They got poor results but thought to believe Prashant till 2019. But BJP changed the decision and left Prashant Kishore. In that time only Jagan gave the responsibility of Andhra Pradesh party strategy. Prashant didn’t get a call from another team from the time he came to AP. Even YCP lost the confidence that Prashant can do magic after Nandyal, Kakinada results. Prashant and team became fun to the public after the criticisms of TDP in social media in the name of North East states. In every way, Prashant became outdated to the political parties. Let’s see that even Hagan will leave Prashant or stick on to him till 2019 elections.

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