Pre-covid-19 test has been stopped by South Korea for inbound travellers.


Covid-19 test compulsary before going to the travel in South Korea , but now test is not mandatory for inbound travellers. With in 24 hours of entry into the South Korea Shall Test there.

South Korea’s Covid-19 cases are under 90,000 still saturday from 3 days before.

New Covid-19 cases are at 79,746 in the country include from other country. Total cases stopped at 23,497,048, According to the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA) said.

The earlest reports shows 9840 down off from last days and this very slow down in saturday in all six weeks.

According to the KDCA 74 deaths are registered as covid in 24 hours, total death count at 27,014. The covid-19 virus is going down generally.

Health official are carefully in the increasely cases for coming month as South Koreans want to set their travels to their homes for festival of harvest holiday on September month.


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