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HomelatestGoddess in Salwar Kameez!

Goddess in Salwar Kameez!

Priest sacked for decorating Goddess Idol in Salwar Kameez!

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The Mayiladuthurai’s Mayuranathaswami temple assistant priest, Raj has been ousted. His strange behaviour and a photo which he shared, later went viral on WhatsApp. He joined the temple service only recently to extend his helping hand to his father.

According to the media reports, Raj just showed his creative side and decorated the goddess Abhayambal in a north Indian traditional outfit, Salwar Kameez. This act of his did not amaze any locals. Rather disappointed them. The devotees claimed that the sanctity of the 1000-year old idol is spoilt due to his uncanny deeds.

Once revolt came from the side of devotees, the temple authorities have decided to sack both the priest as well as his father from the service. It is a tradition which was coming from years that on Friday, they adorn the goddess idol with sandalwood paste and a saree. Since the priest have deviated from the duties and insulted tradition and culture, the manager believes that stripping them of their duties is the only right thing.

Apparently, the priest had decorated the goddess idol in Salwar Kameez (pink) and blue salwar. However, this is not the first time in Tamil Nadu. It earlier happened in Coimbatore district when the deity was decorated with new Rs.2000 notes after demonetization in November 2016.

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