Priyanka Singh’s viral video shocks ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’ viewers


‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5′ contestants are familiar with Priyanka Singh’s game plan. She has survived only with the help of the relationships she built on the show.

Being a transgender, Priyanka wants to prove herself to the world. Well, Priyanka a.k.a Pinky is portraying herself as an innocent, but has a deceptive nature.

Pinky appears to be Manas’ best friend and portrays herself as if she likes him. In reality, she is only following Ravi, who has been making her do things in their favour. A recent video where Ravi makes a signal to Pinky, as she starts diverting Manas, has gone viral.

In one of the unseen videos, Manas and Ravi are in a race to grab the helmet, in order to go further in the captaincy task. While Manas is trying to focus on the game, Ravi is seen signalling Pinky. Pinky, then starts to disturb Manas, so that he loses his concentration and Ravi could grab the helmet.

But, Manas, being a strong player, did not lose focus and won the helmet to proceed on with the captaincy task.

This video makes it clear that Pinky is just helping no one but Ravi, under the mask. ‘Bigg Boss Telugu 5’ viewers are shocked, as they were under the impression that Pinky is a genuine player, though she is not a strong contender.

Earlier, in one of the captaincy tasks, Priyanka had intentionally spoiled Sunny’s brick tower twice and acted innocent when questioned by him. With all these ‘masked’ people around them, Manas, Sunny, and Kajal are targeted every time, as per the opinions of the show’s followers.


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