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On Hearing The Advice, Producer Kicks Out Sunil From The Movie

Producer Kicks Out Sunil From The Movie

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Comedian-turned-hero Sunil is desperate for success form past three years. He had a bad outing with his previous film ‘2 Countries’. The film bombed at the box-office. In fact, critics criticized Sunil for his pale acting, and lifeless comedy punches. With continuous failures at the box-office, Sunil wanted to come back to his natural characterization as a comedian.

Surprising everyone, producer Krishna Prasad came forward to produce a remake film casting Sunil as the hero. The film is an official remake of the successful Tamil film ‘Chaturanga Vettai’. A new director will be making his debut with this movie.

The seriousness in the screenplay of ‘Chaturanga Vettai’ became a major reason for the film’s success. But Sunil asked the producer to tweak the script, to accommodate entertainment in the film. In fact, Producer Krishna Prasad explained that audience may no watch the film if it lacks seriousness. With Sunil raising an objection to it, the producer kicked Sunil out of the film. ‘Jyothi Lakshmi’ fame Sathya Dev will be replacing Sunil in this remake.‘Producer kicks out Sunil’ became the headlines for many online newspapers. This is what happens when someone like Sunil tries to advise the producer.

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