Puri’s Mehbooba Changed Him


Puri Jagannadh next film Mehbooba

Dashing director Puri Jagannadh is moving with a list of hits. It’s not been a month for Paisa Vasool being on screens, Puri is ready with his next film. He official announced about his next film. Along with audience even the other directors of Tollywood shock seeing Puri’s speed. Previously even Rajamouli spoke about this. He says it is really shocking to see puri making his movies quick ad also he is the only director who can make maximum movies in a year. He furthermore says he has to learn the quickness of making movies from Puri jagannadh. Not only Rajamouli but many other directors also praised Puri on his quick making.

Next to the movie Paisa Vasool, now, puri is to direct his next film with his son Akash. Revealing about the film he says, this movie will be completely different from all his other films. He also says, this script has changed him. The movie is about 1971 India and Pakisthan war. He also finalized the movie title as Mehbooba. By this title it is known about the film to be a love story between an Indian guy and a pakisthani women.

Till now, we also see Puri jagannadh movie heroes to be job less but with his words on this film it can be said to be different. It is to see, if the film which changed puri will entertain telugu audience.  Akash who previously was in few films as child artist and one film as a hero is to act as the main lead of this film. Wth this movie Akash will be introduced as a fillfledged hero. The movie is coming under Puri jagannadh own production. A debut actress Neha Shetty is to act as the main female lead of the movie. Sandeep Chouth is giving the music for the film. Let us see how the movie turns out.

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