Puri’s take on Balayya and Critics

Puri’s Take On Balayya And Critics

Puri’s Take On Balayya And Critics

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The sensational director Puri Jagannath is busy promoting his recent outing Mehbooba. In its recent promotional event, he has made some sensational comments on many issues. As always, his speech became the highlight of the event.

Puri Jagannath has put all his efforts in his son’s debut flick as a full-fledged hero in Mehbooba. For the first time, he came up with a complete love story and emotions without adding any commercial elements. Right from the first look poster to the release, Puri made everything look interesting but the result was not in his hands. The movie opened up with mixed to flop talk as critics slammed the movie and his directorial skills deeply. Not disturbed by any of these developments, Puri took the promotions onto his shoulders and organized a thank you cum success cum promotional meet the other day. In his speech, he has mentioned many points but two things grabbed the attention of the viewers.

Puri who made Paisa Vasool with Balayya claimed that the latter developed a huge bonding and his friends helped him so much. This Pokiri director revealed that it is Balayya who called him during the making of Mehbooba and cheered up the director to complete the flick. Finally, Puri thanked Balayya for his unconditional support throughout the making and declared that his friendship is invaluable such that he is planning his next with Balayya. On the same note, he indirectly took a dig at the critics for rating the flick as a flop. Still, he thanked them for praising his son Akash’s acting skills despite the movie’s performance. Puri asked the audience to support such movie which he feels his career’s best even though it has no Puri’s mark in any elements. The movie is performing decent to below average and it really needs the support of movie lovers.


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