PVP’s cheap comments on AP Special Status gone viral

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Public figures and Politicians should be careful with the advancements of technology and social media. An aspiring MP candidate who slipped his tongue just saw the aftermath of such loose talks on burning issues. Going into the details, the YSRCP MP candidate for Vijayawada, Potluri Vara Prasad aka PVP made some derogatory comments on AP Special Status. While participating in a CII summit, he uttered that the topic of AP Special Status is indeed a boring subject and it better be avoided without talking.

Immediately this clip of his belittling the much-needed thing of entire AP State vent viral and netizens are fuming over this businessman turned Politician. In his defense, PVP stated that the summit is apolitical and he just mentioned that due to lack of time, the topic of Special Status can be avoided as it takes hours of time to discuss it. Despite his lame explanation, the damage has already done and leaders across the AP started blaming the loose tongue of PVP.

TDP leaders went further and ridiculed PVP for being in Politics and contesting for an MP seat with such low standards. The sitting MP of Vijayawada, Kesineni Nani went further and declared that PVP is a cheap Politician and he even got financial fraud.


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