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Rahul And CBN Responded On The Controversial 69(1) IT Act

As expected the most ridiculous IT Act introduced by the Central Government has invited the wrath of many leaders including the Opposition leader Rahul Gandhi and Modi’s rival CBN. Their response on this BJP’s bad move is quite epic.The AICC Chief Rahul Gandhi condemned this 69 Act of IT where some ten Central and State Government Institutions would watch all the personal data of any citizen of India. Terming it as the most idiotic regulation, Rahul declared that Modi is behaving like a fearful dictator who is trying hard to gain control over his Opposition. Rahul decoded that Modi with this new rule is hoping to know all the secrets of his anti Parties in order to checkmate them.

As this rule can violate once’ personal space, Rahul called in to immediately cancel this rule despite its limited advantages.The AP CM Chandrababu Naidu opined that the BJP lead Centre is desperate on indulging into the private affairs of voters including his haters. This once supporter of Modi’s demonetization and GST has now gone all haywire stating that Modi with such senseless amendments can only make his own downfall in the upcoming Parliament elections. This new IT Act is almost condemned by a major section of Political analysts and netizens.

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