Rail Gun – China’s New Weapon! Threatening India? Or cautioning the US?


Rail Gun – China’s New Weapon! Threatening India? Or cautioning the US?

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The world is about to witness a major technological advancement in warfare. The Chinese who are predominantly known for their reverse-engineering technology come up with what could be a game changer at the time of conflict or war between two nations. China has reportedly developed a hypersonic ‘Rail Gun’, which is currently in the testing stage.

Upon its induction into the Chinese army, the ‘Rail Gun’ can have a drastic impact on how the war could be fought. The Rail Guns relies on EM (Electromagnetic) pulse. They have the ability to shoot down targets at 185km away.

The only obstacle that stands between reality and drawing boards of Rail Gun is the supply of power. Given their designing, and the principle on which they work, the Rail Guns literally require massive amounts of power to function. A  recent test of the Rail Gun took place in the US. The US Navy tested a 32-megajoule Rail Gun in Virginia. It fired an 8kg projectile at roughly 2000m/s.

The international analysts China is threatening India and cautioning the US with its Rail Gun. Is this development a worrying factor to India? Definitely not.

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