Railway Job Scam | 1 Arrested in Mumbai


The Western Railway’s Vigilance Department caught a man who tricked over 300 people out of about Rs 21 crore by promising them railway jobs, officials said.

They found out about the scam after keeping an eye on things for more than three months.

The officials set a trap with the help of someone outside the group and two other people who pretended to want railway jobs. They sent Rs 20,000 to the cheater’s account through Gpay to make him come to Mumbai Central Station to get the rest of the money.

And guess what? The guy showed up at 2 p.m. on Friday as planned and got caught trying to get more cash for the fake job. The railway officers found out that the crook took around Rs 9-10 lakh from each person and made fake documents with the help of someone from Kolkata.

They also saw that the crook’s phone had 180 blocked numbers, probably from the people he cheated. And there were about 120 chats where the victims asked for their money back, which was between Rs 5-8 lakh each, that they paid for the jobs.

They took all the fake papers, messages, and videos of the fake staff and they’re still looking into the scam, which took money from over 300 people, adding up to around Rs 21 crore. They gave the crook to the Government Railway Police at Mumbai Central and charged him with a bunch of crimes.


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