Interesting Aspects in Srivalli Movie

Rajamouli gives voiceover to Srivalli

Rajamouli gives voiceover to Srivalli

Vijayendra Prasad is an Indian film screen writer, and director famous for his works in Telugu cinema and Bollywood. There are many blockbuster hits with his writings. Recently the story of Baahubali was also written by vijayendra prasad. As a father of Rajamouli, vijayendra prasad wrote many hit stories for Tollywood, but failed in directing a film. Rajanna, his first film is a disaster. Now he wants to try his luck for another time , so he’s back with a movie Srivalli . The buzz is that this film has got a very interesting story line which has never been picturised in Tollywood till date. Furthermore, Rajamouli gives voiceover to Srivalli movie.

Even before the film is out in theatres, the director reveales the story line of the film. He says that the film is a science fiction which portrays the study of a girls heart and psychological feelings by a scientist. After knowing the story line, the hype for this film has gone high. This film also contains a 5 minutes of scenes which have Rajamouli’s voice. This would be the highlight for the film. The unit says that, the particular 5 minutes scenes shouldn’t be missed out. As it plays a vital role in understanding the whole story. Whatever may be , with all these buzz around , srivalli has got alot more expectations.


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