Rajiv Kumar’s Focus on IPS Transfers and Bogus Voters in Telangana


Rajiv Kumar’s Focus on IPS Transfers and Bogus Voters in Telangana:

The Central Election Commission team, led by Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar, is scheduled to visit Hyderabad in early October. During their visit, they are expected to focus on three key issues: ensuring smooth elections in Maoist-affected areas on the Telangana-Chhattisgarh border, engaging with political parties, and addressing law and order concerns.

In response to previous elections where 17 polling stations reported zero voter turnout in the Telangana and Chhattisgarh border region, the Central Election Commission will hold a day-long meeting with Telangana police officials. They will also gather information on police officer transfers, particularly focusing on IPS officers who have remained in the same position for three years or more.

Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar is said to be particularly interested in addressing complaints made by political party leaders to the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Telangana. These complaints involve allegations of bogus voters and the improper removal of voters from electoral rolls. Both the BJP and Congress party leaders have met with the CEO to submit their concerns regarding bogus voters.

Recently, Marri Shashidhar Reddy, Chairman of the BJP Election Commission Affairs Committee, filed a complaint with CEO Vikas Raj regarding discrepancies in the preparation of the draft electoral roll. The CEO has instructed District Election Officers (DEOs) to provide a report on these issues by October 19. Marri Shashidhar Reddy formally petitioned the CEO, expressing serious reservations about the draft electoral roll’s preparation and urging a thorough examination of the matter. Leaders from the TPCC also submitted petitions to the CEO related to concerns about bogus voters.

rajiv kumar's focus on ips transfers and bogus voters in telangana
Rajiv Kumar’s Focus on IPS Transfers and Bogus Voters in Telangana

Additionally, it is anticipated that the Chief Election Commissioner will investigate the ongoing voter enrollment drive in Telangana by consulting with District Election Officers from various regions.

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