Rakhi Sawant on ‘Bigg Boss’: Traits that define the drama queen


Love her, hate her but you surely cannot ignore Rakhi Sawant. She is undoubtedly the queen of controversies courtesy her bizarre antics, gimmicks, and loud behavior. Rakhi has always come across as a person who does not believe in filters. She speaks her mind, does her thing, without thinking twice.

Ever since she entered the 14th season of Bigg Boss, Rakhi has managed to grab the audience by their eyeballs thanks to her eccentric mannerism and uncouth behavior. IANS traces a few defining traits of Rakhi the drama queen on Bigg Boss from season one when she was a housemate, to the ongoing season 14 when she is back as a challenger.

Catfight champion

In the first season, Rakhi managed to generate news with her fierce catfights with Kashmira Shah, whom she had at one point befriended in the house. They engaged in many fights and gave each other tough competition and a lot of the limelight, and, of course, quick ratings for the show.

The foulmouth

It won’t be wrong to say that Rakhi has the tendency to unleash verbal diarrhoea and she does not know when to draw the line. It is a trait she has imbibed and mastered over the years. The day she stepped into the 14th season, she was seen pouncing at fellow housemate Arshi Khan, whom she called a “sasti chudail (cheap witch)” and “bavasir (piles)”. Rakhi was also seen making fun of Arshi’s body type, saying the reason she wears nighties on the show is because she is carrying a “sofa set”.

The ‘No Filter’ Rakhi

The highlight about Rakhi, as we have seen over the years, is that she does not believe in filters when it comes to her antics. Rakhi definitely does not understand what not to do or say on national TV. She has openly spoken discussed her “botox” job during her entry, her nose implants after her fight with former contestant Jasmin Bhasin, and shared shocking revelations about her life claiming that a man had forced himself on her when she was young, in return for money. Bigg Boss had to intervene and ask her not to share such details on television. Rakhi also shared details about her marriage with someone called Ritesh, saying that her husband was already married and had a child when they got married.

The obsessive housemate

When she grabs on to something, she only leaves it after literally squeezing it dry. Rakhi is currently holding on to her “crazy love” angle with Abhinav Shukla and has crossed the line of decency several times while playing the game. From pulling Abhinav’s pant strings to calling him a pervert, Rakhi has reveled in the nasty acts to turn the focus of the cameras towards her.

The possessed entertainer

In the name of “cheap” entertainment, Rakhi can go to any extent. During the 14th season, Rakhi suddenly got an idea of playing a ghost in the house. She behaved as she got possessed by a ghost named Julie and during her act, she again crossed the line of decency and tore former contestant Rahul Mahajan’s clothes on national TV.


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