Reason Behind Ram charan Rangastalam 1985 Title

Ram Charan movie title

Reason Behind Ram charan Rangasthalam 1985 Title

 Ram Charan movie title: The huge success of Dhruva , their are lot of expectations on the film in which Ram Charan is gonna act. As Sukumar is going to direct this movie the expectations have reached heights. Sukumar is directing this film in his own style and taking utmost care so that the movie will entertain all types of audience. Sukumar named this film differently as “Rangastalam 1985” . Though this Ram Charan movie title was not liked by anyone Sukumar some how managed to name the film as he wanted. It is heard that even Chiranjeevi said no to this title earlier. 

Now the buzz in Tollywood is that why did Sukumar named the film title Rangastalam even after many dislikes . The movie unit says that the reason behind the title is the story of the film is the one which took place in 1985. In this story the hero is an Rangastalam actor. Heroines father also does some dramas on the stage along with the hero. This film has most importance to the drama. This is the reason why the director named it as Rangastalam title. Sukumar is trying to make a movie of 1985’s in the taste of 21st century audience. The film unit says that once the film gets release every body would understand clearly why the title is Rangastalam.

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