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Chiru Class For Lungi Raja

Ram Charan Rangasthalam Title Change: ‘Rangasthalam 1985’ the title is really interesting but there is a doubt that Mega fans of the mass category will like it or not. As Mega Power Star Ram Charan has full hopes on director Sukumar and doing whatever he is saying. At least he did shooting with lungi in front of huge crowd in Godavari district. All the official photos of the movie has released with Charan lungi appearance.

Few Mega fans are not liking the fact that Charan doing whatever Sukumar said and believing in him. Fans objected on Charan’s lungi de-glamorous look and Chiru did not get interfered in this matter, but Chiru showed discomfort about the title ‘Rangasthalam 1985’. As the sources say ‘Chiru gave a small class to Charan that to keep in mind about fans’. This matter reached to Sukumar, there are chances that Sukumar will talk to Chiru about title preference.


Rangasthalam 1985

Sukumar Irritating By Mega Interference In Rangasthalam 1985

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