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Case On Ram Gopal Varma Over Vangaveeti movie

Ram Gopal Varma arrest

The controversial director Ram Gopal Varma released a film Vangaveeti. Vangaveeti movie completed so many months but Varma still facing problems with that film. Still that controversy continues. Vangaveeti family members approached the court to stop Varma for that movie. After hearing the court arguments, the police were directed to book the case. Vangaveeti family members agitation is true. Court expressed the opinion Ram Gopal Varma arrest.

The court odered the police arrest Varma immediately. Police are ready to arrest Varma. however Varma seems have possiblity to take Bail before arrest. According to the information, Varma lawyer petitioned in court for anticipatory bail. His fans are also concerned about the controversy even after the release of Vangaveeti movie.

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