Ram Gopal Varma’s Open Challenege On Lakshmi’s NTR


Ram Gopal Varma, the majority of people see him as a controversial aspect. But, some are seeing him as a brilliant human being. Albeit, film aspirants and cinema people call him as a creative genius. Ram Gopal Varma, he changed the view of cinema and style of filmmaking. He threw the conventional methods of filmmaking and introduced new film era in Indian cinema. Though he is a completely different creative genius, he is facing criticisms because of his recent films.

controversial matters and talks about them

Actually, he is bringing the typical plots and made them flop. So, the audiences are missing him and he is missing their affections but didn’t miss their attention. Because he picks up the controversial matters and talks about them. So, many are making ruthless comments on him easily. But we know him, he doesn’t care about them and he does what he believes.

picked up the great actor and leader NTR's biopic

Although, now he picked up the great actor and leader NTR’s biopic. He wants to picturise the life story of NTR after NTR’s second marriage with Lakshmi Parvathi. And, a few days back he went to Tirupathi and praise the Lord Venkateswara and conducted a press meet. In that press meeting, he launched a video, that related to the movie and his perception on Lakshmi Parvathi and NTR relation. However, he clarified that the politically related doubts of some people. Actually, Bala Krishna is making the NTR biopic in the direction of Krish, but it is completely upon NTR’s whole life. But, Ram Gopal Varma is specifically concentrated on NTR’s second marriage and story related to Lakshmi Parvathi and that is revealed by the title.


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