Ray Stevenson’s death is mourned by Rajamouli, Jr. NTR.


S.S. Rajamouli & Junior NTR expressed their experience working with Ray Stevenson

Ray Stevenson, an Irish actor, who portrayed the villainous British Raj governor of Delhi in the film ‘RRR,’ was deeply admired by the director and his co-star. S.S. Rajamouli expressed shock over the news of Stevenson’s passing, praising his energy and vibrancy on set, and sending condolences to his family. Junior NTR, Stevenson’s co-star, also expressed his shock and shared his positive experience working with the actor, offering prayers for his soul and support to his family during this difficult time.

Stevenson passed away on Sunday, just four days before his 59th birthday. The cause of his death has not been disclosed, but reports indicate that he was hospitalized while filming on the Italian island of Ischia.

ray stevenson
The cause of his death has not been disclosed

Stevenson’s acting career began with television shows in the 1990s, and he later gained recognition for his action roles in Hollywood films, most notably as Volstagg in Marvel’s ‘Thor’ franchise. He had a significant role in Antoine Fuqua’s 2004 adventure film ‘King Arthur,’ where he played Dagonet, one of the Knights of the Round Table. In the movie, his character makes a heroic sacrifice in the battle to aid Arthur and his comrades.

In 2008, Stevenson starred as the titular character, Frank Castle, in the Marvel film ‘Punisher: War Zone.’ Prior to his passing, he had a role in the upcoming action-adventure limited series ‘Ahsoka,’ a spin-off from the Star Wars franchise. In the series, he portrayed Baylan Skoll, a former Jedi who escaped Order 66 and became a mentor to Shin and an ally to Thrawn. This was his final role.

The entertainment industry mourns the loss of Ray Stevenson, remembering him for his contributions to film and television.


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