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Releasing Today: A Litmus Test For Vijay’s Taxiwala

vijay devarakonda is one actor who has a stupendous following in the youth. His Taxiwala is hitting the screens today amidst decent buzz and expectations.


This film has undergone a terrible situation a few weeks back. Without even getting released most part of the film has been leaked online. This has really pushed the entire team of Taxiwala into depression. But the makers somehow have managed and overcame all the odds and finally, the film is hitting the screens today.


The theatrical trailer of the film has fetched a much-needed publicity for the film. Vijay’s previous film has severely disappointed his fans and the audience. Have to see how far Taxiwala impresses the audience today. Though the ghost element in the film has surprised the people, have to see how far it can enthrall the common audience.


Priyanka Jawalkar plays the female lead in this film and SKN has bankrolled this film. Sankrityan wields the megaphone for this flick.

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