Sunny Leone: A Star in Real Life too!


Sunny Leone: A Star in Real Life too!

Unlike many heroines and heroes who limit themselves with ‘goodwill’ acts and shots in the movies, former A-Star and current Bollywood heartthrob Sunny Leone has set an example for everyone to follow. Celebrating the pre-release function of Rajasekhar’s upcoming movie ‘Garuda Vega’, Sunny visited Hyderabad.

While answering questions put to her, a sick-minded reporter asked, ‘if you were to give 1 Crore or a kiss, what would you give?’ This not only put Sunny to shock, but everyone was shocked hearing to such kind of a sick question.Without taking it forward and creating a ruckus, Sunny skipped the question with a smile on her face.

Trying to make the situation lighter, Jeevitha joined her on the stage and stated that, ‘Sunny is not only a beautiful woman on screen but a great one at heart. She has adopted an orphan girl and is funding her education and meet that girl’s needs’.

Hearing this, Sunny felt a bit emotional and was comforted by Jeevitha. While Jeevitha saw the beautiful self of Sunny, it was so sick of the reporter who posed such a question. This incident clearly illustrates the facts that, people are not what they seem, but they are what we want to see them as!

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