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HomelatestRepublic TV’s Secret Survey: CBN To Regain Power In AP

Republic TV’s Secret Survey: CBN To Regain Power In AP

Republic Tv Secret Survey On Chandrababu Naidu

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One of the leading National news channels of India, Republic TV has announced the results of its secret survey all over India prior to the Parliament elections. The results are quite astonishing to the common man’s verdict.According to the TV’s secret survey, the CBN lead TDP is going to clean sweep the elections with more than 117 seats among 175 constituencies with ease and grace. Surprisingly, the same media channel stated that the YSRCP and Janasena will get fewer seats despite their over hungama and craze in Public. The survey is felt to be a bit authentic as the Channel is known for their less corruption.

Also the fact that the Channel belongs to a BJP MP who apparently is a rival to TDP post the party’s breakup with TDP from the alliance. Had if the results are fake, being a rival to TDP, the Channel would mislead the viewers by claiming fewer seats. Apart from these results, the Shivsena backed print media went further and released their own secret survey. The paper declared that the surveys predicted that the TDP will surely win as many as 125 seats without any doubt thereby limiting YSRCP to the Opposition once again.

Shivsena’s leaders who turned anti to the BJP are now thinking to reform the alliance with NDA as their surveys support BJP Government yet again in 2019.The mentors of BJP are now advising the BJP National Chief Amit Shah to meet CBN as the party will give the majority to BJP in the Parliament. But the TDP is not in a mood to join hands with BJP after rejecting the Special Status to the AP. whatever might be the survey polls, the common man of AP is bewildered to know the fact that BJP and TDP which failed to save AP will regain power other time.

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