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RGV’s Script For Sri Reddy Ended Up As A Disaster:

RGV Disastrous Script On Sri Reddy Word On Pawan Kalyan

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The netizens and TV viewers of the Telugu land are quite shocked with the entire issue of Sri Reddy abusing Pawan Kalyan. The episode’s backstory will not only entertain all but also leave everyone in amusement. Let us see this issue and the mastermind behind it.

Not just the fans but the common people also shocked to hear Sri Reddy abusing Pawan Kalyan. Enormous support from all quarters has amazed for Pawan Kalyan even though he asked to be silent. As she repented for her mistake, the damage has already happened. One of her close associate Tamannah in a TV channel claimed that she was asked by a big name to abuse Pawan. Within no time, Sri Reddy’s call to Tamannah got leaked by another channel. In that call, Sri Reddy clearly stated that Its Ram Gopal Varma who asked her to do so in order to get popularity. This entire twist shook everyone.

By the end of the day, RGV himself uploaded a video on his official Youtube Channel speaking about this issue. He dared to admit that it was him who asked Sri Reddy to do so for maximum attention. Not stopping there, he argued that his idea has a reason and it served the purpose. Many think that RGV has completely lost its mind by doing such things. This creative director also claims that Sri Reddy has refused his 5 crores deal with Suresh Babu and it impressed him. To help her protest, he has written this abusive Charitra which backfired miserably. This entire thing also diluted the actual casting couch protest as well.

Well done RGV and Sri Reddy!!!

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