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Ram Gopal Varma ‘Kadapa’ web series trailer review

RGV ‘Kadapa’ web series trailer review

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Controversial director Ram Gopal Varma released the trailer for his upcoming web series ‘Kadapa’. One can call it a short film rather than a trailer. The length of the trailer is around 5 minutes. Within minutes of its release, the trailer became viral on social networking platforms given its content.

Few scenes in the trailer seemed as if they have been lifted straightaway from past faction-themed films. With no censor restrictions for videos posted on YouTube, RGV utilized it in all aspects. The trailer had profanity, bloodshed and extreme violence. The dialogues were so profane that it is difficult to even refer them.

If the trailer itself is featuring such vulgar and disturbing content, one can understand how the web series would be. RGV also stated that ‘I will show the truth in my web series. In the past, due to many reasons, I had to tone down the reality in my movies. This web series will depict the real facts and truths about factionism in Rayalaseema. I am not going to bow down to any kind of threats.’

Meanwhile, many people from the Reddy community raised objections over the depiction of Reddy’s in such a violent manner in the web series. Only time can tell how far will this go.

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