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Have A Look At RGV’s NTR In Lakshmi’s NTR

The controversial filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has started the much-needed promotions of his flick Lakshmi’s NTR. Yesterday, he released the much-awaited first look of NTR from the flick Lakshmi’s NTR and shocked all with his casting abilities.Despite his hits and flops, RGV is known for re-creating the history on silver screen and his hits like Killing Veerappan, Rakta Charitra, Vangaveeti and some others are examples. On par to his taking abilities, RGV’s casting always stands in the foreground as he brings the right actors who resemble the original ones. For the project Lakshmi’s NTR, RGV brought a north actor and he appeared exactly like demised legend NTR in his last days.

On the occasion of NTR’s death anniversary which is on January 18th, he released the first look of NTR character exactly at 6:57 which totals to 9 as 9 is the favourite number of NTR. In the released look, all got awestruck looking at the character of NTR as the actor more or less appeared like NTR as expected.The first look along with the background music reflected the sad state of NTR in his gloomy days of life. Going by the ambience in the first look, RGV is keen on showcasing the last days of NTR and the entrance of Lakshmi Parvathi in his life. As the Balayya’s Kathanayakudu bombed at the box office, movie lovers are waiting for this flick.

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