Friday, March 24, 2023
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Roads blocked , schools and colleges are shut shown due to heavy rain in the Bengaluru

Heavy rains are rounding up Bangaluru city for the last three days. Schools and Colleges are shut down due to heavy rains and many roads are blocked with water. flooded area people are troubling soo many issues like daily routine life disturbed, no food, no drinking water and many more.

Many areas of Bengaluru city are getting heavy water flowing into their homes, shops, offices, schools, and colleges, because of the rains for the past couple of days and There are no chances to get out for the daily routine life.

This situation will be continuing for the next two days. Heavy rains to very heavy rainfall till September 9 in the Silicon City of Karnataka and other areas of the city also, According to the weather officials.

To manage flooded situations in the city of Bengaluru, the Karnataka government has taken the decision to reveal 300 crores for the flooded areas and affected parts of the city. The government has given Assurance to the people in the form of health, money, food and drinking water, and many more.

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