Hold on to Your Big Bills! RBI Office Exchange Closed for a Day


Big bills on hold! People who want to exchange or deposit old Rs 2,000 notes at the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) offices will have to wait an extra day.

Normally, you can swap these notes at RBI offices, but they’ll be closed on April 1st due to routine accounting work. The service will be back up and running on April 2nd.

Only a small amount (about 2.4%) of these Rs 2,000 notes are still out there, even though the deadline to exchange them at banks passed months ago. This means most people (around 97.6%) have already turned their old bills in.

The deadline to swap these notes at regular banks was last October. There are still Rs 8,470 crore worth of these bills floating around, which is way down from the Rs 3.56 lakh crore that were out there when they were first stopped.

Here’s the important part: These Rs 2,000 notes are still legal tender, so you can still use them to buy things.

If you do want to exchange them for new bills, you can still do that at any of the 19 RBI offices listed in the article. You can even mail them in using India Post!


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