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Rs.5/- faction story..! The people who have watched Arvinda Sametha, they knew about this 5 rupees faction. What is the major relation of 5 rupees with Aravinda Sametha? “Is this fight is possible only for the 5 rupees?” Actually, this is a question from an anchor to Trivikram gaaru. So, he cleared it in a tremendous way and with understandable examples.

the story behind 5 rupees faction by trivikram

The story behind 5 rupees faction by Trivikram:

He said, “Do you remember the Babri mosque demolition? Why did it happen? Only for Brick. So, wars will be taken place for small things. Means, the fighters go with the fighting spirit and forget the initial reason behind the war. I will give an example, then you can understand it well. My friend, a philosopher said this to me. The place of the war and cause of the war are important. In Kritayuga, an ogre named Hiranyakshudu has theft valuable Vedas and hide under the water and Lord Vishnu embodied as Tortoise and killed the Hirabayashi. As well as, in Tretayuga, Ravana has kidnapped Sita Devi and placed her in Lanka empire and Lord Sriram went to Lanka by constructing a bridge and killed Ravana. And, in Dwaparayuga, Kauravas and Pandavas have fought for power and selected the place Kurukshetra and war has happened.”

He added, “If you observe, in the Kritayuga, the cause of the war is knowledge, and place of the war was very far from where we are living and under the water. As well as, in Tretayuga, the cause of the war has become worst and about flush, means, about a woman. But, the place of the war was near as compared to the previous and the ocean is the distance. Though, in Dwaparayuga, the cause of the war was too worst and about the power and land. As well as, the place of the war was Kurukshetra nearer and it was just between two kingdoms.”

“Now, in present days, the cause of the war is coloured paper; some are called it as Rupee, Dollar, or Dhinam. And, the place of the war is within yourself; means, the conflict is about you within yourself. So, don’t fear about the cause of the war and some are just like that,” he said. Actually, Trivikram said a lot about it. Finally, the background score has been released and Thaman’s musical bang.


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