Samantha decision.. Chaitanya Happy


Samantha learns Cooking for chaitanya

Recently akkineni naga chaitanya and Samantha got married in Goa. These couple are in love for more than four years and are also in Live in relationship. Finally they got married. With this marriage there are going to be many changes in both of their lives. Before marriage Chaitanya prefers to Live single away from his home. He was always seen living alone in his house. Now, Samantha learns Cooking for chaitanya

On the other hand Samantha is never into the kitchen for cooking. After marriage there are going to be few changes in their lives. Chaithu is going to be as a support to his wife Samantha. Likely, even Samantha is showing interest in cooking for her husband. Previously in an interview when Samantha was asked about if she cooks. Samantha casually answered saying she eats. But now she has decided to Learn how to cook. She is already working on learning chaitanya’s favorite dishes.

Samantha deciding to learn cooking is giving much happiness to chaitanya. being a celebrity they need not have to work. As they have maid’s and cooks to work on their needs. But who doesn’t prefer eating the food made out of their wife’s love.

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