Sameera Reddy: Parenting not easy journey with 2020 generation


Actress Sameera Reddy, also a mother, says parenting is not easy journey with kids of the 2020 generation.

“Parenting is not an easy journey with the 2020 generation. It’s the only role you play with no script in place. Right from getting your child to sleep through the night, to equal parenting, to raising a picky eater, body shaming, to rediscovering yourself after motherhood is all exhausting and few speak about it,” she said.

She added on the subject: “I think just knowing that there are so many parents who face this day in day out, really helps. Being aware, and knowing you are not alone helping. Digital platforms spreading awareness on these topics is growing and this seems like a great idea for parents to just unwind, learn and connect with so many parents across the country.”

Sameera was speaking on the “Raising Parents” podcast of JioSaavn. The podcast is for young adults and new parents, facing the expectations and challenges of parenthood. She was the first guest on the show.


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