Sameera Reddy’s weight loss tip: No emotional eating or snacking


Actress Sameera Reddy took to Instagram on Friday to share her weight loss journey with her followers.

Sameera has reduced seven kilos and currently weighs 85 kilos, and she said she abstains from emotional eating and snacking.

“Every Friday now revs me up even more to take responsibility for my fitness and honestly I couldn’t have even lost these 7 kgs without you peeps cheering me on! I hope I am doing the same for you! I still have to get to 75 kgs so I have a goal of another 10 kg and I will get there!” she wrote.

Sharing a few weight loss tricks, the actress added: “I’ve been good with portion control, not emotionally eating and saying NO to snacking but it does help! Esp us mommies are so exhausted we usually reach out of picking me up food all the time. #fitnessfriday is to motivate, share, inspire real fitness journeys where we can transform together without pressure or judgment.”


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