Congress Leader offered 5 Lakhs For Votes In Telangana

Congress Leader offered 5 Lakhs For Votes In Telangana

A video is now going viral on social media in which a Congress party’s member is offering a bribe of 5 Lakh rupees to the villagers of Sankapuram in Jogulamba Gadwal district to cast their all votes for Congress Party’s candidate Sampath Kumar, Alampur assembly constituency with a unanimous decision. He also told that Sampath Kumar would give 5 lakhs for the temple endowment as an indirect proposal to the villagers.

Sampath Kumar offered to give Rs. 1.5 Lakhs

Sampath Kumar offered to give Rs. 1.5 Lakhs to the people instantaneously if they agree for his offer and will give the remaining on the next day of the polling date when the villagers give the assurance to cast their votes for the Congress party. At this time, villagers raised their voices against him and also questioned that how dare he wants to purchase their votes with the money and why they should have to cast their votes for Congress party. It seems that the Sankapuram villagers are angered on this proposal that leads to a furious argument.

They said that Sampath Kumar has not done anything for their village from his constituency and not even visited the village after he won in 2014 elections. They felt that Sampath Kumar has to felt ashamed for his offering at now even he has not ready to listen to their requests and the problems they are facing when he is in serving as a legislate in this four and half years. Really it’s a tough time for the sitting legislator S. A. Sampath Kumar while he is receiving negative responses from his constituency people. This may affect the Congress party hopes on their winning from this constituency over their rival TRS.


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