2 Lakhs Fine For Star Hero

Sarath Kumar fine

Tamil Actor Sarath Kumar Fine 2lakhs

Tamil star director cum star hero sarath Kumar is curently in a trouble with a court case. Previously Sarath Kumar and his wife decides to direct a film and takes a debt of 1.5crore from radiance organisation. As a security they promises to give the sattelite rights of the film and his next film also. Furthermore, he takes debt the second time also. Sarath Kumar fine. The deadline for the debt is 2015 and Sarath, unfortunately, fails to pay back the amount.

During the times of taking debt, Sarath handed over his properties as security. As the debts are raising high this couple decides to sell out their property that were given as a security documents. Hence Radiace has approached court failing a case against them for selling the properties in debt. Court demands Sarath Kumar to pay 2lakhs as fine.  Thoguh the amount isn’t very difficult for them to pay, this made the couple feel ashame.

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