Saturday, February 4, 2023
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Schools from class X to XII reopen in Rajasthan

Going with the new guidelines issued by the state government, schools from classes 10 to 12 reopened from Tuesday in urban areas across the state.

The offline studies of the children of these classes will start after a break of over 20 days. Schools from classes 6 to 9 will open from February 10.

Schools in the rural areas are already operational.

On January 9, the government had closed the schools up to class 12 in urban areas in the wake of rising cases of COVID.

The state government has also made it mandatory that every organization, firm, shop, etc should paste the complete details on the information board about the vaccination status of the people working there.

In this, separate information will have to be submitted about the number of employees who have had single and double doses of the vaccine. Details of employees who have not got vaccinated also should be given. Failure to do so will result in action under the Epidemic Act.

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