SGPGIMS in Lucknow to have more departments


The Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences (SGPGIMS) in Lucknow is opening new faculties that will initiate head and neck surgery, pediatric endocrinology, and infectious disease & vaccine research departments.

The governing body of the institute has approved the creation of new departments.

The department of head & neck surgery at SGPGIMS would cater to patients with head and neck cancer which constitute 21 percent of the overall cancer cases detected in the state.

Director SGPGIMS Professor Radha Krishna Dhiman said that after the creation of this department, head and neck cancers would be treated in a better and more organized way.

These new departments are very significant considering the occurrence of throat cancer, pediatric complications, and the recent Covid Pandemic.

Uttar Pradesh will have long-term benefits with the availability of specialized treatment in these new departments.

Prof Dhiman said, “The department of pediatric endocrinology will cater to the areas of growth and puberty in children. SGPGIMS started the first formal training program in pediatric endocrinology in 2001. Now after the creation of the department, cases of diabetes, obesity, thyroid, and other disorders prevalent in children can be treated with complete focus and dedication.”

He said the department of infectious diseases and vaccine development was much needed after the recent Covid pandemic. This new department at SGPGIMS would exclusively handle infectious diseases like Swine Flu, Japanese Encephalitis, viral hepatitis, and Corona.

The SGPGIMS has also increased the B.Sc and M.Sc seats in the College of Nursing and also approved new courses in various departments.

The director said that SGPGIMS was striving for excellence and that all resources and facilities would be optimally utilized and enhanced in the future in order to provide the best possible medical care.


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