Shalini Pandey shocking past

Shalini Pandey shocking past

Shalini Pandey shocking past

Arjun Reddy is the latest trend in current time. Arjun Reddy hawa is running all around. We all know how much Telugu audience treat debut actresses once the movie is a block buster hit. Shalini Pandey is one among the actresses who got a huge success and recognition with the debut film. But, Shalini Pandey shocking past, shocks everyone. According to the latest reports, In an interview, Shalini Pandey revealed about her past. She says, her parents don’t want to her to get into modeling and films, but with her request they let her do small dramas.

Later with the reason of auditions she left her home and wrote a mail to her father saying she will not go back to her house. With this mail even her father replied saying not to get back to home and she is no more his daughter. later she says she struggled a lot, and with the help of one of her friend she stayed in a home with two guys. She furthermore says, the two guys are really nice to her and helped her a lot. Now, finally, when she got the opportunity for Arjun Reddy, she watched the premier show along with her parents. Finally their parents are happy for her confidence and spirit  to be an actress.

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